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Dead Disc Doctor

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Dead Disc Doctor  Plus Version

Dead Disc Doctor Dead Disc Doctor v1.32   
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Dead Disc Doctor - allows copying files from scratched or damaged CD, DVD disks, unreadable Floppy and Hard Drives or other media. Learn more...

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File Recovery Feature Yes Yes
Stopping & Continuing - Yes
Copy data CD/DVD - Yes
Copy audio CD - -
Limitation One file only -
Price Free $5.95

Dead Disc Doctor v1.32  2.1mb
Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7

Dead Disc Doctor v1.28  3.74mb
Windows XP, Vista


Dead Disc Doctor Plus for Damaged Media Recovery
All cd/dvd can be degraded over the time with different rates of degradation and this depends on how they are protected against damages also some errors occurs also if the writing method was not very successful on cd/dvd.
Some cd/dvd reader -writer behave differently on scratched media and if you would like go to cdrlabs and read more regarding tests made.

The quality of medias are also important those who are made from phtalocyanine are considered to have a better life cycle than those made from cyanine.
The most common errors that we encounter if we try to copy files from damaged cd/dvd is cyclic redundancy check (crc) errors. CRC is a mathematical method employes during the copy of files from those medias. During the copy of files to hard drives the operating system makes a calculations and returns some numbers which is knows as checksum that is used to identify the files. When the checksum do not much then CRC errors occurs and the file cannot be copied to the hard drive.

With scratches on those medias the severity of the problems relies on their locations. Such as those that runs across the disk or along the track or the ones that are from straight line from rim to centre.

Once we have a damaged media that contains important files we would like to recover back we will need a help of a software and here where Dead Disc Doctor Plus propose its knowledge to overcome this problem in a professional way. Dead Disc Doctor can be used on any damaged media such as unreadable disks, diskettes , USB or other media. At the end of the operation it will clean the files and copy them.
The first option once choosed will offer to you a new screen where you can choose the drive source containing the media to be recovered.


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